Gaiser® Precision Bonding Tools

CoorsTek Gaiser® precision wire bonding tools represent decades of material and design refinement recognized by users all over the world. We invented the ceramic capillary and continue to lead the semiconductor packaging market with innovative, high durability designs and unparalleled support services to ensure your wire bonding processes are as trouble free as possible.

In addition to providing traditional wire bonding tools for back-end semiconductor processing,
Gaiser tools offers custom specialty micromachining for ultra-hard materials.  >>> catalog download <<<

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Small Wire Bonding Wedges

Constructed from superior quality Tungsten Carbide, Titanium Carbide, and Cermet, Gaiser small wire wedges are available in the following styles:
Fine Pitch / Ribbon Wedge / Deep Access
Our patented MaxiBond™ wedges ensure long-life and lower production costs.

Ceramic Capillaries

As the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered ceramics, CoorsTek uses only the purest, high-grade materials for our capillaries. Our advanced ceramic materials include alumina, zirconia toughened alumina, and tungsten carbide—offering exceptional useful life and durability.
Designed for optimized performance, improved stitch bonds, and bond count, CoorsTek Gaiser capillaries are available in standard, fine pitch, and ultra fine pitch designs with customizable options for specific applications.
CoorsTek Gaiser® has developed the ideal combination of geometric features and ceramic materials, helping control stresses and deliver repeatable processes, increased uptime, and lower production costs.

Large Wire Wedges

CoorsTek Gaiser® is the world's leading manufacturer of large wire wedges for challenging aluminum wire bonding applications. With high-performance cermet tips, CoorsTek Gaiser® large wire wedges offer excellent performance. Available in V Groove, U Groove, and Ribbon styles.

Vacuum Pickup Tools

Each Coorstek Gaiser®  vacuum pickup tools is designed to handle sensitive parts with vacuum pick-and-place applications. Coorstek Gaiser® ESD01 thermoplastic protects the die from both mechanical and electrical harm.
Electrically conductive for ESD safetyHigh melting temperature for consistently tight tolerances & rapid manufacturingTooling-tips design for reliable performance