HB70 Manual Die Bonder

  • Pick & Place

    Pick Microchip from Die-Carrier and place it to your surface

  • Epoxy Dispensing

    Simple and exact handling

  • Epoxy Stamping

    Fast and precise stamping process

  • Rotation Bondhead

    for Quick Change between tools

  • Inspection

    Visual inspection of microassembly for example from soldering, bonding or flip chip

  • True vertical Z movement

    Motorized Z-axis with 90° linear movement

  • Full HD Camera

    Overlook no detail, thanks high resolution camera with optical zoom

  • X-Y Micrometer screws

    Exact placement from Die, stamp or dispenser

  • Camera angles

    Free changeable camera angle with optical zoom for a good and easy verification

  • Angle alignment

    Microchip alignment thru the rotable work plate

  • Auto Vacuum Pump

    integrated vacuum pump turns on automatically at Pick & Place.

  • optional heater stage

    Up to 450 ° C heat, with programmable heating cycles

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