25µ Gold Ball-Wedge bonding


  • 25µ gold wire, 100m on 2“ spool
  • Standard 25µ capillary
  • Semiautomatic Ball-Wedge Wire Bonder HB16

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    Bonding process:

    • Thread wire to the capillary.
    • Program bond parameters, ball size and loop profile.
    • After the second bond clamp closes, the wire is cut and ball is made by EFO (electrical flame off).
    • It is recommended to set the heater surface up to 120°C.

    Advantages over wedge-wedge bonding:

    • First bond connection is more stable.
    • The bonding ball is softer.
    • The wire moves vertically which is good for big height differences.
    • Gold and copper wiring possible.

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