Ribbon bonding

Advantages of ribbon connections are the low impedance and the considerable heat dissipation. Due to these characteristics ribbons are frequently used, for example in RF technology.


  • 250 x 25µ gold ribbon, 10m on 2” spool
  • 250 x 25µ wedge tool with bond foot length of 100µ
  • Semi-automatic wedge bonder HB16

Bonding process with ribbon wedge:

Different bonds & comparison with 25µ wire:
 watch video

 Bonding process:

  • The ribbon is processed just as conventional gold wire.
  • Due to the large bonding area most bonding parameters have to be elevated, esp. ultra sound and bonding force.
  • The ribbon must be fed from the coil through the tool without any twisting due to the rectangular shape. Sometimes threading the ribbon through the tool can be tricky. It helps to precisely cut the ribbon with scissors beforehand.
  • For stable bonds the substrate should be at 120 ° C temperature.

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